I found Mr. Sarwar Ahmed as a leader down to earth who is easily accessible by all level of employees. Sarwar Ahmed is such a humble person that I never heard anyone calling him “Sir”. He has the ability to touch people’s heart. Sarwar can motivate anyone intrinsically and can instill trust.

Emadul Hannan, CIA, CRMA Head of Internal Audit ( HSBC )

Yameen was an exemplary consultant. His demeanor and attitude is one that will take him far in his career. It was always a pleasure working with Yameen. He has a keen intellect and a deep dedication to his work. We have trusted him with our most valuable information and he has never disappointed with his integrity and industry.

Juan J. Brea Chief Operating Officer (former) ( HealthCorps )

I worked with the consultants at Sarwar Consults  and it was an absolute pleasure. During my time there as the previous owner , they was responsible for strategies and managing our entire marketing efforts which included a full range of digital marketing operations and they effectively took care of all of our marketing assets. Their hard work and effort here improved my business’ overall digital marketing performance including SEO rankings, SEM & SMM results. The consultants are a self-starter who expanded our visibility and delivered exceptional results on ROI. They are extremely analytic and managed to vet out our unprofitable marketing campaigns within his first month here. I was really impressed by their professionalism and exceptional business acumen and their ability for translating complex digital marketing initiatives into measurable and profitable results. The team has incredible insights and foresight and I’m positive that their skills will be greatly appreciated by anyone they consult for. Sarwar Consults would be an excellent addition to any team and I highly recommend them for their expertise in the fields of digital marketing strategies and operations.

Mel Jacob Former Owner ( Cameo Cleaners of Gramercy Park )

Having the opportunity to work under Mr. Sarwar’s guidance is the best time in my professional life. I have seen him achieving extra-ordinary thing out of very ordinary resources around. He empowered me to do something big in those days and directed towards goal highlighting the positives and time to time coaching new things (later I realized, all the training was provided to help me overcome limitations). Learning from him was always simple for me because of his unique abilities to handhold, very systematic and situational leadership practices that best suited the challenges of that point.

Noor Chowdhury Director ( Data Edge Ltd. )

Basheer is sharp; a talented writer and a quick thinker. During his tenure, he contributed to our content creation and also our marketing initiatives. Mature and punctual, Basheer is an asset to any team. I recommend him highly.

Renee (Schmidt) Tordjeman Co-Founder ( Madison Technology )

During our time at HealthCorps, Yameen was my sounding board and support for technical implementations. As our consultant, he helped implement and manage many of the “back end” tools necessary for scaling the business (i.e. cloud-based business accounting platforms, fundraising platforms and payment processing integration). He is one of the most intelligent and hardworking colleagues I have ever had.

Sarkis Kalashian Director of Digital Strategy (former) ( HealthCorps )