Campaign Strategy

How often have you found it difficult to tell your story to the world? Finding the right words can be a little daunting but finding the right medium to convey your message is perhaps a much bigger challenge.

campaign strategy

It’s time to Design a Marketing Campaign that Inspires Action


  1. A well-planned and executed campaign inspires action. It is aimed at presenting information in a way that motivates your target audience, speeds the process of generating sales leads and converting them to sales.
  2. To ensure that your integrated marketing efforts bear fruits, the different parts of the puzzle need to be connected together to get a clear picture of where you stand and how you should design your strategy.

Integrated Marketing Solutions that are creative, measurable and strategic

SARWAR CONSULTS – For All your Campaign Strategy and Execution Needs

  1. Customized Integrated Marketing Solutions – We offer integrated marketing solutions to businesses and use an Omni channel approach to make them more effective.
  2. Building Brands from the Grass root Level - We offer consumer grassroots promotional programs and research based marketing campaigns that are intended at establishing and propelling your brand forward.
  3. Well-Conceived and Result Oriented Marketing Campaigns - We design well-conceived and result-driven marketing campaigns that are intended at improving your brand visibility and help your business gain an extra edge.


  1. Competitive Analysis
  2. Competitive positioning
  3. Lead Generation.
  4. Product positioning and media planning


  1. Content Integration
  2. Email design and programming
  3. Project Management