About Us

Our purpose is to be at your side as you grow your business.

Who we are

Our purpose is to be at your side as you grow your business.

Entrepreneurs work tirelessly setting up their business. Usually of non-business background, they are unaware of how to manage their business as it grows in size. Soon enough, entrepreneurs juggle between keeping customers happy and their on the go made up processes. They are all over ensuring their business makes money and do not disappoint their customers.

We assist entrepreneurs like you to come to grips with your business by implementing effective, affordable, simple, need based processes and solutions. The solutions will help you to have a clear view of your business, ensure operational efficiency, keep your customers happy and free you to do what you are good at – creating more business ideas.

Sarwar Consults has established itself as a premier boutique management consultancy firm at the heart of New York City. We bring with us a combined 30 years of broad spectrum experience in business functions such as management, finance, marketing & IT. Our consultants specialize in small business consultancy, and we have an excellent track record in this space. Small businesses in America has been a stabilizing force in the economy. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of creativity and production. Small business is what stimulates economic growth. With over 60% of all private sectors, non-farm jobs coming from small business, it is a proven fact that small businesses are critical to the United States economy. We provide you with the direction and tools needed for your organization to be sustainable and profitable ventures.

You are not just our clients; you are our partners. Guiding you to success is the only measurement of our success. As much as you are in business, we mean business too – we are exact; we execute.